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5 May 2009

new address for blog...

come and visit us at our new blog home... http://planetk2.com/blog

hope to see you soon!

25 April 2009

Elite Sales...

Do you work with people in sales? You should really check out our elitesales performance system® . We're getting some consistently wonderful reviews about this programme and the impact it's having on even the most hardened of sales professionals.

We love the idea of "earning your place on the team", just like you have to in a sports team, and we've built around this concept to help bring the psychology and mindset of the elite sports performer to the world of the even more competitive sales performer.

So, have you earned your place on your team recently? If you were being managed in the equivalent manner of a sports team, would your name be first on the team sheet? What can you do to be constantly upping your game while still performing consistently? By taking the philosophy from the Athlete at Work® programme and adapting it for the unique challenges of sales, we've come up with a challenging, exciting and performance enhancing programme, which we'd love to share with as many people as possible!

A self-serving book recommendation!

For any people interested in the psychology of sport... why not buy this lovely new book? http://eu.wiley.com/WileyCDA/WileyTitle/productCd-0470725745.html you'll see in there a contribution about our work within the GB Rowing team... go on, treat yourselves! (or buy it for someone who's studying in this area! might be a better option)

9 April 2009

Team Pride

Are you benefiting from these obvious, but powerful group dynamics? With the focus of feedback and development work, that we've seen, being upon "what people need to improve on", there's not much chance of extra pride washing around that teams can benefit from. In fact, quite the opposite - the majority of people feeling pretty insecure about what they've got to offer and waiting for someone "more informed" to offer solutions or take a lead. You really do reap what you sow when it comes feedback, team mindset and performance... so what are you doing this week to ensure that the Pride commodity is optimised within your teams?

There's probably a personal responsibility element here too and we'd suggest that each of you work out for yourself why you should feel proud of your performances. (Pretty sure Heather Small wrote a song lyric like that!). In lieu of someone else raising your pride for you, take the high performance approach, and raise your own pride as much as you can.

There is the old saying that pride comes before a fall... but better to benefit from the pride in the first place than to avoid becoming proud for fear of the health and safety implications. And of course, old sayings are there to be proved as complete nonsense and we'd certainly recommend that anything you focus on to make yourself proud is well grounded in reality and therefore does not lead to a falsely elevated view of yourself. Reality based pride can be nothing but a good thing - surely?

Time for the basics

Reading this article from Harvard Business Review reminded us how important it is to ensure that you don't assume everyone is on the same page. Would an army go into battle without every member of the force having been given a clear understanding of the purpose and approach for the mission? In most cases, forces members will need to reflect back what they have heard to ensure understanding has been achieved also (see here).

So, why is the same level of understanding not achieved for missions within our world?

How much improvement can you get going forward simply from improving shared understanding? Give it a go and tell us about the results!

31 March 2009


Your 8 best or your best 8?

Parallels nicely with our experience of helping to shape these mindsets, rather than simply observe them and comment on what is witnessed. Being focussed on "how do we need to be, as individuals and a crew?" is very different from simply observing "how are we?".

The Boat Race - A Perfect Crew? From Cambridge Ideas. from Cambridge University on Vimeo.

If you were only judged on one thing...

so, for April you can only be judged on one thing... your colleagues will shape their view of you based around this one thing... your managers and leaders will identify your value to the business based upon this same one thing... people outside of the business will make their judgements of you on just this one factor... and most importantly, you will draw all of your confidence from this one, critical element of performance.

So, what is that one element of performance for you? What key variable do you want to focus 100% on? When all of your performance boils down to just one thing, how good can you make that quality? What can you do each day to become a little better at the crucial factor? Who can you get advice from that will help you raise your game? What questions will you ask of yourself and of your colleagues to make sure you're constantly delivering the best possible performance?

Choose carefully and see what you can learn about yourself by making your performance a very pure focus.